Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to basic


10 Dhul Qadah 1434 Hijrah

Its start with a day
a day that set up everything back into their place
a day that come to claim all the debt
a day that i'm barely don't want to go through
but a  day that still ahead even i'm refuse to accept

Its start with a week
a week that change everything after a day
a week that change the true feelings and emotions
a week that flows like a strong wind
to let go all the sorrows 
and brought the smiles back where it was

Nearly a month
a month that totally pull myself up
a month that definitely have something to share
a month that will ultimately set up, arrange, claim, decide 
all the things back from where it begins. 

*Nothing personal nor exclusive. Nearly a month as a student back in U. All stuff like homesick, less passion, unmotivated never exist in the first place. We're the one who creates all kinda things. Back to basic. Eager to learn. Happy learning everybody. 

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